Celsio - Empowering diabetes patients through

fearless medical devices 


Designing a product that is taking a stance for non-stigmatizing and unscary aesthetics of medical devices such as those for diabetic patients.


At the centre of the design process is an analysis of the aesthetics of textures I created during a land-art workshop with materials I found in Krk, Croatia.


Individual 4-weeks side project at the Universit of Applied Sciences in Graz from 2018. 




Celsio is a medical device for diabetic patients. It can be used for transporting insulin pens and for measuring the insulin level in a non-invasive way.


Celsio is a non-stigmatizing diabetes-care-kit that increases the user's mobility by easing the cooling and transportation of insulin pens and enables an unscary, non-invasive glucose testing.

The cooling process is ensured by an evaporative system that doesn’t require any electricity to work which brings more independence to the user. When thinking about Celio's aesthetics of interaction just think of
the feeling of touching stones on the seashore. 

The interface for the non-invasive glucose testing works by being gently stroked with the user’s fingertip. The result is then directly shown on the device. It can be also stored in an additional app. 

When you think about diabetes you probably think about someone who eats poorly & hates to exercise... that's why Celsio is taking a stance for non-stigmatizing aesthetics in medical products

Facts about Diabetes patients

387 million people are living with diabetes worldwide 


1 in 11

+ 257 million until the year 2035




Kidney diseases 



Nerve damages

Heart diseases

Problems identified in research

Invasive glucose testing 

Primitive insulin cooling

Messy transportation

Stigmatization of patients

Personas from user-research

How to use Celsio

Aesthetics of interaction

"Non-invasive glucose testing should have a different narrative than fingerprint testing we are familiar with security and surveillance systems.

Celsio's aesthetics of interaction should make you think of the sensual feeling you get from touching rough stones on the beach."

I got inspired by different patterns and textures, I created during a land-art workshop with stones, water and plastic foil at the island of Krk in Croatia, 2016

Me and two other friends working on a land-art experiment  at Krk

Non-invasive glucose testing




153 / pmm

stroking the tactile interface with fingers

test completed - reading results

sensors measuring the glucose level 

The parts Celsio consists of

The different shades of Celiso