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Quality and duration of cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) can decide about life and death in an emergency situation. Therefore, emergency dispatchers know support bystanders through the telephone. This interaction doesn't work flawlessly due to a set of different communication problems. 

Sweden is simultaneously trying to tackle this problem with implementing more advanced technological solution while at the same time putting more austerity measures on the healthcare- & education system. In this project, we have painted a picture of how the situation in Sweden might look in the future. 



We used "bodystorming" workshops to understand the interpersonal dynamics of bystanders in an emergency situation in which a CPR needs to be conducted. In our next steps, we have interviewed emergency dispatchers and healthcare specialists. 


Robert is the AI-driven emergency dispatch system of Sweden in the year 2030. It is using advanced technologies like face scanning to support more effective CPR while at the same time making a life-critical decision based on data in a time of austerity.



University: Umea Institute of Design

Project: communication design
for co-creation, critical design

Year: 2020

Duration: 4 weeks

partner: Laerdal Medical 

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Robert in the background

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