Postcolonial feminism critique of Agenda 2030



The brief was to create the visual branding of a fictional NGO that works towards one of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.
I have chosen the goal of gender equality. 


The main deliverable is an app that works as an educational platform about female agency in South Africa as well as a calendar for upcoming events and an online shop for merchandise. 



I decided to choose a critical approach towards the concept of Western-led development work and embraced a postcolonial feminist view on the Agenda 2030. The NGOs name agency is rooted in the concept that woman in "developing countries" should have the agency to make decisions about the economic development of their regions in their own hands instead of being a passive agent like it is the case right now. The visual language is inspired by brutalist-style political flyers and posters circulating in feminist spaces online and offline.



University: Umea Institute of Design

Project: branding, graphic design

Year: 2019

Duration: 1 week

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